Things That Test Your Relationship

September 23, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

No relationship is perfect. Just like no human is perfect. We are flawed creatures that form flawed relationships. But an imperfect relationship doesn’t mean an unsuccessful one. Neither does it mean that you can’t be happy in your imperfect relationship. What it does mean is that there is no rigid structure or an extensive list your relationship can pass through to be considered perfect. That said, there are things that test your relationship. That tells you whether the person you are with is really the one you want to be with for the rest of your life.

Before we get what these things are, there is one parameter everyone should judge themselves before judging their relationship. If you cannot be happy with yourself, it would be really hard for you to be happy with someone else. Work on yourself first. Now one of the major relationship tests that most couples go through in their life is the finance test. Being financially stable is one of the primary goals of every adult’s life. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t periods or times of trouble people don’t go through. These times are truly the indicators of your relationship. If the person you are with can weather the harsh times with you, being your support rather than a flight risk, your relationship is strong. Sickness is another relationship test that people go through. If one of the partners gets temporarily or permanently sick, it can usually place an unnatural burden on the other partner. Not everyone can be up to it. And while you cannot judge a person for leaving their sick partners because they couldn’t handle it, you can see that the relationship itself failed in that test.

 Fidelity is another conventional relationship test. Most people in relationships are with the mindset of being exclusively for their partner. Therefore most relationships do not stay the same after even a single episode of infidelity. Another test that some relationships go through can be called the family and friends test. The relationship between the two partners is unique. But that doesn’t negate the relationship between a person has with others like their families and friends. When people start putting their family above their relationship, it usually drives a wedge between partners. It can be solved by open communication, setting some boundaries, and with a little patience, but this is, unfortunately, a relationship test many couples fail or don’t pass with flying colors. Understand that there are almost no relationship tests and hardships that partners cannot weather if they are truly together. Be communicative, open, and honest, and hopefully, your relationship will come out stronger after every test.



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