I kind of had a reputation for being “too nice” growing up. People told me I was “the nice cheerleader” in high school and that was a nice compliment in my opinion, but my niceness would get to the point sometimes that I would let people walk all over me. Some of my good friends even took advantage of how nice I was and they used it to hurt me.

I definitely have learned to stand up for myself more over the years and to be nice but not to the point that I allow people to walk all over me or to take advantage of me. I was kind of “too nice” when it came to relationships as well, as you might have guessed. I kept hanging out with guys I didn’t like and leading them on, which wasn’t very nice at all in the end.

I realized over time that even though I thought I was being nice by not breaking up with guys that I didn’t like, I was actually being pretty mean, wasting their time and leading them on. I got some great break up advice and I eventually learned to cut the cord when I knew that I didn’t want to go any further with a guy, so that neither one of us are wasting our time.



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