My brother got some great dating advice over the years and that helped him to finally get the girl that he wanted. He wasn’t that into dating growing up and he was never the kind of guy that put a lot of effort into trying to impress the ladies. He liked a few girls growing up but he got his heart broken most of the time. He finally stepped up his game after getting some great advice.

My brother started dressing differently and acting differently and he had some real success when he met the love of his life. He started liking a girl a lot shortly after moving here to the Seattle area. That girl is now his wife and he has been happily married for about a year now. They are planning on starting a family soon.

With some great dating advice for men, my brother has finally been able to say “mission accomplished.” His mission was to get the girl and to marry her and he has accomplished all that and is a very happy man now. I am so glad that he has finally found a great relationship and I am excited for them to have a family soon.



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