How to Break Up with Someone

September 29, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Breaking up can be so easy! You said what? The dilemma, uncertainty, and unpredictable reactions from the “dumpee” are the exact emotions that can make breaking up so difficult. Often times, breaking up with someone could end up as a very dramatic scenario. As the dumper, you want to avoid that especially in cases where you want to leave quietly or when the dumpee is still so much in love with you. Emotions run high, you become uncertain about the aftermath. You have probably even heard about suicides or suicide attempts by dumpees. You want to avoid all the drama and still be very mature about it. Quite simple.

The reason for so much drama from dumpees who are still in love is because they find it hard to believe you can move on without them and how lonely they will be. It gets much worse if they discover there is a new partner hanging around. One of the basic things you will find out on how to break up with someone is that you must completely convince yourself that there is nothing left for you in the relationship. Then you need to make an independent decision that will direct your emotions irrespective of any influence or manipulation. After dealing with your feelings, then you can freely decide on how to manage your new ex’s feelings.

First, you must be able to fully express yourself. If you have a very strong reason for the breakup, disclose it and express how you can no longer cope. If you do not have a reason, do not find multiple excuses. Open up honestly and tell him or her that you no longer feel the same way and you need to let go. Don’t list flaws, rather be direct, speak less, be kind but very firm. Remember, how to break up with someone rests on decisions made before the actual break up.



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