5 Rings Of Relationships

September 9, 2016
Author: KLTBrown

5 Rings

Every relationship goes through phases or rings which can be defined by the distinct characteristics. It is the job of each partner in the relationship to identify and cope with the phase of the relationship they are in.  Many relationships fail the test of time because one or more of the partners fails to identify and understand which phase the relationship is in.  In other words they don’t understand which ring they are wearing. The key is survive the test of time is to understand that every relationship phase is a phase that you are going through and does not have to be a permanent phase unless you allow it.

These relationship phases are characterized by rings.  Just like the Olympic games are characterized by the symbol of overlapping rings, your relationship can be symbolized in the same manner. Every partner in the relationship may be wearing a different ring at any one time. It is important that they understand that just because they are wearing a certain ring today, this does not mean that they will not wear it again in the future.  As the relationship progresses and goes through the normal changes, you may find yourself wearing a certain ring over and over again. So it is important that you learn how to be successful while wearing that particular ring. Remember, you may be wearing it again in the future.

So lets identify the 5 rings of relationships. They are the following:

DiscoveRING – Getting to know each other and getting to know yourself in a relationship environment. This is usually the first ring that is worn. However, as people change and the relationship progresses, i.e. dating, courtship, marriage, children, etc…,  you may find yourself wearing this ring many times.

PerseveRING – Getting through challenges that will test the strength of your relationship and your resolve to continue.  These challenges are unavoidable and should be handled with the understanding that this is just a phase and it should not be expected to last forever. Wear the ring, learn the lesson and move on.

RestoRING – Overcoming hurts and failures in your relationship.  In any relationship there will be times when your feeling will get hurt. There will be times when your pride and self esteem will be hurt. There may be times when even your physical body may be hurt. You may fall down and make mistakes. Your partner may fall down and make mistakes. Things may happen outside of your control which will hurt you. So decide to restore your relationship, get over the hurt and pain, and do what is necessary to continue.

ProspeRING – Working together in a prospering environment requires planning and cooperation. During this phase be alert and aware of each other’s feelings and desires. When you are wearing this ring you must always take inventory of the things that got you where you are. Enjoy the moment and work hard to keep the relationship in balance. Remember: “All work and no play makes a dull boy. All play and no work makes a broke boy.”

MentoRING – Teaching and helping others by being an example is the key to mentoring. You should take what you’ve learned along the way and share it so that others may find the same success in their relationship. You don’t have to be an expert to pass on the valuable lessons you’ve learned. Friends, family members, co-workers, young people need to see an example of a successful relationship. This will give them hope when they find themselves wearing a ring of their own. It will let them know that they too can succeed and enjoy the fruits of a prospering relationship.

So what ring are you wearing in your relationship? I hope this helps you to understand where you are and what you should focus on as you pass through the current phase.

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