8 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

February 7, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the current trend of Hollywood relationships that usually end in celebrity divorces.  It seems that it is difficult for high profile celebrities to maintain a lasting relationship.  Maybe it’s the pressures of being in the lime light so much and then again maybe it’s the result of just having too much money. Whatever the reason it seems that it’s progressively getting worse.

On the other hand, do you ever wonder  why there are certain couples whose relationship seems to defy the odds? No matter what life throws their way, these couples remain devoted and committed to each other.  However, despite all the negatives in our society, there are those who buck the trends and manage to build mature, healthy relationships.

While every couple’s  circumstance is unique, there are certain traits or indicators that relationship experts agree are common among the most successful unions.  These traits may give you some relationship tips to know what to look for if you want a lasting relationship.

The following are eight of the top signs of successful, long-term relationships:

  1. Partnership – Both partners do not view themselves as one-half of a whole. It’s not a 50 – 50 relationship, but rather a 100 -100 relationship. They realistically see themselves as two, whole human beings coming together to form a strong, loving partnership.
  2. Commitment – Both partners are fully committed to the relationship. They are not willing to lose their individual identities in order to maintain it. Who you are adds to the strength of the relationship.
  3. Quality Time – Successful couples value spending quality time together. They understand this is vital for them being able to stay connected.
  4. Freedom – Both partners allow one another the freedom of having interests and friendships outside the relationship. They are not threatened by the other partners freedom. This keeps their bond interesting and exciting.
  5. Unselfishness – Each partner does not see themselves as the center of the world. Instead, they are able to empathize with each other.
  6. Confidence – They have confidence in their love and in their commitment. They do not constantly seek, or need, validation of it.
  7. Respect – Even though they may share common core values, both partners understand and respect the fact that they are still unique human beings with different world views. They also acknowledge that their differences may cause disagreements, but they commit to resolving their conflicts in healthy, respectful ways.
  8. Resolve – Both partners must share the same steadfast intent of making the relationship work. It is very easy to be in love when the sun is shining. However, couples who remain committed to each other when the storms of life come, have a far greater chance of going the distance.

There are no iron-clad guarantees, but if you decide to cultivate these eight traits into your relationship, you will have a far greater chance of success. Remember,  a mature and loving relationship is made up of  FAST ingredients.

1)  Forgiveness    2) Acceptance   3) Support    4) Trust

Take a close look at your relationship and you be the judge as to have you rank in each of these categories and if your relationship is built on FAST ingredients.  If you feel you need help and any area feel free to visit my website at www.prelationship.com and get the resources you need to help you improve and put  you on the right path to a healthy and happy union.

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