Dating Tips for Dating in the Workplace

September 30, 2009
Author: KLTBrown

From a business standpoint, dating in the workplace can often be disastrous, particularly if it results in loss work hours, or acrimonious break ups that lead to workplace disasters. An employer can prohibit dating in the workplace, so long as the employer enforces the guidelines consistently – that is, against everyone. Whether dating in the workplace is allowed depends largely on the workplace policies, and is not governed by statutory laws. However, if there is a policy against in the workplace, it is a legal cause for termination.

Workplace dating and romance is well suited for those who spend most of their time at the office. Since most of the population falls under this category, workplace romance has more or less become a universal phenomenon. For a die – hard romantic, an office atmosphere may not be particularly conducive to nurture amorous feelings.

Here are some employee’s dating tips and guidelines given below:

* First check to see if your company has an employee dating policy.  Employee dating is more detrimental in certain occupations than others, so check to see if any company policies exist prior to asking your fellow co – worker out to the movies.
* Develop an office relationship before you develop a romantic relationship. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the co – worker whom you are planning to date. A business lunch will help you judge if asking the co – worker out for a romantic date is a good idea.
* Realize that in reality relationships do not work out like they do on TV. If your dating relationship ends on a sour note, you will still have to work with co – worker. For this reason, it is important to start any relationship out as slow as possible.
* Agree not to flirt at work. After you and your co – worker are dating, agree to set up relationship rules for the workplace. Agree not to inform co – workers or management until you both agree that it is the proper time.
* Develop open communication. When you are in a dual relationship [you have two different types of relationships – business and romantic, with the same person] dating potentially can be conflicted and sometimes downright explosive!

Dating in the workplace and office romance can be fun and more only if you strictly adhere to the rules. The rules we are referring to are not only the ones laid down by your organization but the rules you stipulate for yourselves. Sincerity towards your profession should never be underplayed even if it means giving orders to him/her. In case of something going haywire, apart from feeling emotionally drained, you may create an irreplaceable dent in your career. A careful handling of your affair is most prudent to make an office romance a successful affair.



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