4 Tips to Get Him Back in Your Arms Again

September 29, 2009
Author: KLTBrown

Instead of moping about and wishing for the good old days with your ex to come back, why not take action and dramatically increase the chances of getting him back in your arms again? To do this you obviously need a plan. So here are 4 tips and suggestions that you can use right now as part of your plan to get him back in your arms again.

Tip #1 to Get Him Back

Remember the old saying “patience is a virtue”. Well, it has never been more true than now if you want to get him back in your arms again. So resist the tendency to rush through this process of rekindling your lost love. Take small, calculated, simple and easy steps like whenever you meet your ex, remember to smile, say hello or even wave at him. When in a group setting remember to maintain some eye contact with him so your ex knows that you are communicating with him rather than someone else in the group. But don’t let it go any further at this point. Keep it friendly and easy going.

Tip #2 to Get Him Back

At this point, you can start to talk with him again. Just keep it short and pleasant conversation. When I say short I mean short, brief and very basic. Don’t reveal too much about yourself because it makes you appear more mysterious which is usually quite attractive to many men. Another suggestion, if you meet him at a party or some social gathering and your friends or acquaintances come into the room, you may want to stop your conversation with your ex to start a conversation with them.

This sends the message that while the conversation between the both of you is nice, he isn’t your highest priority right now. And while you are at it you may want to flirt a tiny bit with him. Just a little!

Tip #3 to Get Him Back

If you really want to get him back in your arms again, put your best foot forward. That means keep up with your grooming and appearances. Look great and by all means smell great. Try different looks that also look great and keep you fresh? Put a little thought in your appearance because doing this will make you appear confident about yourself. Most men find that very attractive when you respect yourself too.

Tip #4 to Get Him Back

Remember to throw some honest compliments to him every once in a while. Make him feel good whenever he is around you. I can’t overstate how important it is to make your ex feel good about himself whenever he is around you. You can also talk about the great times you spent together with him. Remember to bring up only the good memories and never, ever bring up the bad stuff!

Most importantly learn how to become his friend and if he wants you back in his life again, he will find a way. So be a nice friend, be pleasant, and mysterious. I know this is a lot of hats to carry but if you learn how become his friend and he wants to rekindle the romance again, he will find a way to get back with you.



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