Tips for Men – Get Back with Your Ex Girlfriend

September 27, 2009
Author: KLTBrown

Over and over we hear about guys who complain about how good they were with their girlfriend, but still she ends up throwing him out of her life. There is always a root cause for a failed relationship and you may be responsible for it. Try distinguishing yourself from other guys who talk bad about their girl and search for the real reason for the split up. If you are seriously searching for ways of getting your girlfriend back this is the most essential step and a step that that many guys never accomplish.

So what is the best way to get back with your ex girlfriend? Start listening.

Don’t call and beg:

Immediately after the breakup, you will be tempted to call her to explain the situation and make her understand that you are the perfect match for her. This can be seen as begging. Write it down, if you really want to get back with your ex girlfriend don’t ever show that you are wild to get her back in your life, or you can totally erase her out of your life for good.

Determine if you actually love her?

What is the real motive in wanting to get back with your ex girlfriend? Is it love or something like going tit for tat. Decide if this relationship is really important to you. Evaluate this relationship. If the positives far outweigh the negatives, and your real motive is love then you should seriously involve yourself in every effort to get back with your ex girlfriend.

Avoid giving promises:

If you really want to get back with your ex girlfriend take the necessary actions to eliminate anything you know that is hindering your relationship. If smoking is the main cause of your breakup, then quit that altogether. Instead of promising her that you’ll quit smoking, go to her after you’ve quit smoking, will she be surprised, you bet. And she will know that you mean business. Smoking was just an example; but this idea will apply to any habit or actions, which your ex disliked a lot. Maybe that was not the reason for your break up at that moment, but it should not turn out to be a reason floating around in the back of her mind. So the only way to impress her about how serious you are about getting back with your ex girlfriend is to let her see the change in you.

Now, the Masterpiece:

It might have taken some time for you to change and improve yourself. But once you have done it, it’s time for the final step. Now just call her nonchalantly like you just wanted to know what’s going on. Talk to her like a friend. Call her to have some coffee with you. Don’t open your mouth about your relationship just talk about her and casually mention all the changes and improvements you have made. Stay calm and keep the focus on her. Let her know you are still interested in her and what’s doing on in her life. If you follow these steps you will have the best chance to get back with your ex girlfriend.




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