Relationship Tips for Women

September 16, 2009
Author: KLTBrown

Many women don’t understand why their partner, or significant other, needs admiration. Women in general thrive on affection and basic appreciation, yet the men tend to share a relationship which can easily be  fueled by simple  admiration.  If you are a woman in a relationship, and you find yourself having challenges with strengthening that relationship, I submit to you that it could be that you need to display more admiration towards your significant other.

It may be hard to understand just why he needs admiration, but it is something that you will need to accept.   So if you are serious about strengthening your relationship I suggest you use these basic strategies and relationship tips on how to display your admiration for him.

It is important that you take into consideration the distinct emotional differences between men and women. At an early age most men are urged to perform at high capacities and to provide their very best effort in all of their endeavors. This is typically evident when it comes to sports,  competitions, academics, and work in general.  They develop what is considered a “fix it” type of persona that motivates them to push forward, to conquer every adversary, to solve every problem. When in a relationship, it is important for a man to feel as if he is needed and appreciated by his significant other.  We call this the “Knight in shining armor” attitude.

Therefore, it is essential that you work to ensure that you accept your man for who he is as a person. All too often, women will become involved in a relationship and will push their significant other to become who they feel that they should be. In all actuality, this can actually push a man away emotionally and lead to other types of complications in the relationship.

it is important to understand that the feeling of being appreciated is essential for a man’s emotional health. When you make him feel that you are thankful for the efforts that he makes, the goals that he accomplishes, and just for being him it literally makes his day.

Fro most men, being special in their own right is more important that the money he brings in from working long hours, the position that he has at work, or who won the big football game he has been looking forward to. It makes him feel god about who he is as an individual, and it generates happiness. So, if you want to make your man feel admired, try the following:

1. Take the time to say thank you to your significant other. Inform them that you are glad that they are who they are, and brag a little on their accomplishments and abilities. This will make them really feel admired by you. If you don’t take the time to say something he may be soon drawn towards someone else who will.

2. When handling a tough problem at work, with friends, with relatives, or around the house, sit down and ask your significant other for advice and how they would handle it. All too many times, women have a knack for taking on the world and solving their own issues. If you pull in your significant other to help, you will show them that you appreciate their input. Even if you know the right solution, let him figure it out and compliment him on it.

3. Include your man in on important decisions. Allow the decisions to be handled in your way and his. If the decision turns out to be the right one, Give him the credit for making the right choice. Let him know how much you appreciate him and his decision making skills.  Compliment him on being a great leader.  If you do he will soon become one.

Understanding why he needs admiration may be a challenge but just accepting it and using the strategies outlined here can have a positive impact on your relationship. Of course, there are other steps you need to build a healthy relationship.  So, visit my web site to learn more at:



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