If you feel you are in a loveless marriage or your marriage has gone flat,  you may need some marriage advice on “How to get your husband to fall in love with you again? I’ll address some quick ways and sure tips that can help you win back the love of your husband.

1) If you feel you are in a “loveless marriage”, don’t assume too quickly that your husband doesn’t love you. He probably still does.  I found this quote that is often very true  “Falling out of love is a term that is often applied to hum-drum marriages but what it frequently means from the man’s point of view is that he has fallen out of love with the way the marriage is going.” He may have distanced himself from you because he was unhappy but couldn’t offer a more detailed explanation for his feelings.

2) Many men have a hard time accurately interpreting and communicating their feelings.  Even if they can’t communicate it effectively, what they often feel is that the relationship no longer makes them feel good about themselves anymore. At the beginning of your relationship, you both put your best foot forward and spent a lot of time and effort into making the other person feel good about you and about themselves. Go back to that mindset and do what you can do to recreate that environment.

3) Most relationships become stronger when both you and your partner  feel wanted, important, appreciated, interesting and competent, just to name a few. For men, these feelings are what makes him feel like he is in love. So, it’s important to understand that when he says (or you think) he doesn’t love you anymore, that might not be true. It’s very likely that he’s actually mourning the loss of the relationship that made him feel so great about himself.

4)  Tell your husband that you are feeling a distance in your marriage and let him know that you miss the closeness and intimacy that you once enjoyed.  Ask him if he wants to improve your marriage and let him know that it’s your desire too.   The goal here is to communicate your desire to your husband.

5) Identify the things that you miss the most in your relationship. If its the affection, then show more affection to your husband. If its appreciation, let him know you appreciate him first. Take the first steps and you’ll be surprised how he responds.  In the beginning he may look at you funny or totally reject your attempts. Don’t give up! In time you will have found the answer to “How to get your husband to fall in love with you again?”



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