5 Tips To Prevent Marriages From Ending In Divorce

February 22, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

Understanding why marriages fail can alert couples to their own unique relationship vulnerabilities. The more information you have to help you identify potential marriage problems the easier it will be to address them.

Here are five reasons marriages fail and 5 marriage tips to prevent your marriage from going down the same road.

1. Some  marriages fail because  they  started for the wrong reasons. Therefore,  for this marriage to survive, you must learn to separate the person you married from the reasons you married him/her. You must focus on breaking the negative associations and see the person you now call “husband” or “wife” for who they really are.

2. Some couples have grown apart over the years and they no longer share any common interests. Therefore, you must make the commitment to keep your marriage/relationship a priority and not let life and competing priorities  get between you and your spouse.

3. Unresolved conflicts and deep emotional wounds can shatter the fabric of your union. Therefore, you must be bold enough to have those uncomfortable discussions to make sure important issues are resolved before they go underground and begin to fester. Seek professional help if necessary to keep things moving in the right direction.

4. One or both parties can unconsciously repeat unhealthy relationship patterns derived from their family-of-origin. Reflect on your parents and their relationship and decide you want to be different from them in your role as a husband/wife or partner. Each day make a conscious effort to stop negative family-of-origin patterns.

5.  The marriage or relationship can be built upon unreal expectations that cannot support the realities of a committed relationship. Therefore, we must examine the expectations you hold about marriage and share this with your spouse.  We must take every opportunity to discuss any differences in perspective that may exist between you. In addition,  we should take a close look to determine which expectations feel realistic and which are likely to buckle under the day-to-day realities of life.

The above list captures some of the most common, essential reasons marriage problems arise and the preventative measures needed to keep your marriage or relationship healthy.



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