When To Start Dating Again

February 20, 2010
Author: KLTBrown

How long do you think a person should wait to start dating after ending a longterm (over 2 yrs) relationship? Should they wait 3 months? 6 months? Should they even wait at all? Would it depend on if they are looking for something long term or a one nightstand? How soon is too soon? Maybe it depends on why the prior relationship ended? Looking for answers to these tough questions? Follow this link to www.prelationship.com to get expert dating advice from around the web.

Remember, there are no set rules on the time when a person should move on in my opinion. I think it depends on the person. Everyone is different.  People should not judge others and let folks be themselves when they decide. I believe in encouragement or positive feedback on taking time to heal but I think ultimately individuals should do what they want in order to be happy or to simply learn a valuable lesson for their future. My recommendation is to give “time” time. Give it time & heal. Some people can move on faster than others.

If you were in love with the person at the time of the break up – then you definitely need to wait until you can safely say you are free in your heart. Jumping into something new will only hurt the next person and that’s just not right. Then again, it also depends on how and why the prior relationship ended.  It could have been a long time coming and if you’re ready who’s to say what’s a good time for you. Again, just make sure you are healed.

I would say that there is no set time frame to wait.  Love has a funny way of knocking on your door so for that reason I simply say take it one day at a time and let your next relationship come to you. When it happens you will know if it’s the right time or not.



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