Do you wonder what your ex girlfriend is thinking and why she has turned so sour towards you? What do you need to do to make her at least think about getting back together? Why won’t she even seriously consider it? You have tried all the normal things like talking with her, agreeing with her and promising to change but still she acts like she doesn’t care about you at all. What happened to her and what can you do to get back in her good graces again? Why won’t she even think about it?

The truth is that the reasons that she gave you for breaking up with you and the sole reason for not wanting to get back together with you might surprise you. The real reason might even elude her at this moment but it is the truth. While she probably is genuinely angry with you and quite frustrated with your attempts to get her to agree to get back together, the real reason why she is gone from your life is something very different than what you think it is. Yes, the real reason why she isn’t with you has nothing to do with what came out of her mouth.

The true reason why she is being so stubborn and why she is saying that she’s done is that she simply doesn’t feel what she needs to feel emotionally in her head to say that she is in love with you still. That love is still there or the potential for that love is still there but she just isn’t feeling the emotions right now. Even if you really made some huge relationship mistake like cheated on her or something equally stupid, chances are she wasn’t feeling what a woman needs to feel to stay in a relationship far before this incident.

In order for a woman to say that she is in love she needs to feel certain emotions or feelings. She needed and still needs to feel that she is pretty and intelligent and funny and that she is loved when she is in your presence. This doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy her a box of candy and a dozen roses but if you had done things like this on a regular basis when you were together you would probably be in better shape to get her back right about now. These are little things that a man does to make a woman feel special and loved but it’s often attention and telling her on a regular basis that you love her with feeling and that you think that she’s beautiful that make a woman feel the emotions that equal “love” inside her head. They need to feel these emotions every day when they are in a relationship or else things start to go downhill pretty quickly. I’ll try to explain.

Almost every decision a woman makes is based upon how she feels. Think about something as simple as buying a pair of shoes. Women’s shoes are notoriously uncomfortable and they hurt her feet. But a woman will spend several hundred dollars on a pair of shoes that don’t even fit her if they make her feel pretty or cute. Even if she doesn’t have that kind of money in her budget, if they make her feel attractive she will buy them in spite of the fact that she knows that they’re going to hurt her feet.

For a woman, your ex girlfriend in particular, how she feels when she is around you will determine whether she stays with you or not. If she feels pretty and loved and important then she will put up with all sorts of things that she simply would not tolerate if you weren’t making her feel those warm and fuzzy emotions. When she stopped feeling happy and cute and loved, things started to circle the drain and she probably started to become very negative about you and some of your habits. This should have been a huge red flag for you and a wake up call that you needed to do something pretty quick to change her image of you in her mind.

On the other hand, once you understand what a woman needs and the emotions that she needs to feel in order to trick her brain into saying “I’m in love”, the possibilities are endless. You can get away with hanging out with your buddies more frequently, watching what you want on TV and even some minor hygiene slip ups on occasion. Knowing how to make her feel these emotions is going to be a little tricky for you right now in the situation that you’re in. You can’t just call her on the phone or text her a certain number of times a day telling her that you’re thinking of her and that you love her. Even telling her that she looks cute today is going to be suspect. You’re going to have to be a little clever because right now your name is mud in her mind.

You first have to change how she thinks about you. You’re going to have to subtly and gingerly remind her or jog her memory into remembering what it was like when things were good between the two of you. You’re going to have to help her to trust you again and rebuild your relationship so you can get a second chance at making her feel those wonderful emotions that every woman needs to feel in order to fall in love again. Understand that we’re talking about a woman here and her emotions can change in a moment so you can use this to your advantage when you’re trying to get your ex girlfriend back. Never under estimate how quickly a woman can go from hating you to loving you. You can count on that!

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