Tips for Women – How to Get The Right Guy

January 6, 2011
Author: KLTBrown

Are you  looking for ways to get that guy you’re after. Well there’s plenty of information out there on the web with tips for women, some good, some not so good and some just plain terrible.  For now lets just start with the most important things:
1. Be yourself, no matter what, be yourself, don’t try to like something just because he likes it, or someone for that matter. Remember, you can only be someone else for so long before you revert back to being yourself.  Save yourself the effort.
2. Keep it simple! You might be wondering how to get his attention. Well a good way to start is by just talking to him.  He doesn’t have to know you love him, just talk. Try to get to really know him and allow him to get to know you. The simplest way is to talk.

3. It’s true that most good guys will go for a beautiful, nice girl. They’ll usually be attracted to a girl with both outer and inner beauty. So maybe you don’t have the best outer beauty, It’s not the end of the world. Try to talk to him more and more, he’ll start paying more attention to you if he doesn’t have another girl in mind. Be really nice with him and by all means smile a lot.  Make jokes and laugh at his, but only if its funny.  You probably don’t want to be the only one laughing. If he’s really smart, he won’t care too much about your outer beauty he’ll be more attracted to your inner beauty.
4. Compliment him on the things he does well, if he says he loves sports, and plays some, try to find out what his favorite sport is and watch him play if you have the chance.  Most guys will be good at one sport, normaly the one they like best, so tell him he’s good at it.  You can also tell him he sucks at things, but make sure he knows that you are just trying to tease him. Most men  like to get teased especially when they can tease you back.  Its great for flirting.
5. Don’t tell the guy you love him until you really know him well.  Relationships normaly end quickely or turn sour when things go too fast. Finaly, just be yourself and make sure he’s really the one for you before going after him.  If he doesn’t love you back or says he loves another girl, just keep talking to him  and wait and see. Some guys minds are hard to change, but you can still convince them that you might be the one for him.

6. If he really doesn’t love you, just let him go. There’s no point in going out with someone who doesn’t love you. A nice guy will always go after a beautiful girl, but beautiful girls aren’t always the prettiest, so don’t worry about your looks too much, just make a little effort to look pretty for him. Remember, the prettiest thing you can do is SMILE!



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