Relationships can be tricky, whether you just started dating someone or you have been married for a long time. No two people are alike and there inevitably will be differences even if you and your significant other have a lot in common. I have been dating my boyfriend for a while now and we have realized how much our upbringings have played a role in who we are.

The thing is, our upbringings were different in many ways and we got used to thinking that one way of doing things was “right’” and the other way was “wrong”, even though there isn’t any real right or wrong. This made a difference even in the little things. For example, my boyfriend grew up with the toilet paper roll facing one way when you put it on while I grew up with it facing another way.

My boyfriend and I both thought that the way that we grew up was the “right” way and we got into some arguments over it, which was really silly, now that we think about it. Arguing over toilet paper is just stupid. Thanks to some great relationship advice, I learned to compromise with my boyfriend. We both learned to be considerate of the fact that we were raised differently and that we may have different views that were ingrained with us. Instead of rushing to say that one way is right and the other way is wrong, we have been finding a solution that works for both of us.



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