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Finding Your Relationship Compatibility During The Holidays

December 31, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

As the autumn leaves fall from the brisk breeze, we prepare to greet the holiday season and winter. With the winter time the winter time blues can affect so much of our lives, we take for granted the lack of sun brings us down. Things can get rough with relationships strained over the holidays, it’s […]

Most Common Relationship Problems and Their Solutions

October 12, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

Every relationship is different, because every human is different. A relationship is the combination of two psyches, two emotional beings, two sets of habits and two different directions, and much more. A relationship together is much more complex than either person in that relationship. But one thing that is common in every relationship is they […]

Things That Test Your Relationship

September 23, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

No relationship is perfect. Just like no human is perfect. We are flawed creatures that form flawed relationships. But an imperfect relationship doesn’t mean an unsuccessful one. Neither does it mean that you can’t be happy in your imperfect relationship. What it does mean is that there is no rigid structure or an extensive list […]

How to Break Up Without Hurting the Other Person

April 29, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

When a relationship is beginning, everything is exciting. You cannot wait to see your girlfriend or boyfriend in the evening, during the weekends and over the holidays and it feels amazing to know that he or she feels the same way. The excitement and happiness of a relationship can overpower everything else, in fact, you […]

Unavoidable relationship issues

February 25, 2019
Author: Looking4Love

Unavoidable relationship issues Everyone who’s been in a relationship will tell you it has its perks that are unavoidable. Relationship issues do exist. This is not to scare you but just make you aware of them and how to deal with it all. You will be able to make decisions that will not bring regret. […]

The Three Main Reasons Why People Break up

November 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Assuredly, there are many reasons to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, the reasons in this article leads to most break ups. The first reason is being unsupportive, when he/she fails to support you, they unknowingly communicate that you are not worth their time. Granted, this is discouraging especially when you are stressed […]

Is It Okay To Seek Advice in Relationships?

October 12, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

If you are among the multitude who believe that seeking advice in relationships is very bad. Then, how would a newbie manage a new relationship? Also, have you tested your belief or confirmed the source of the idea in the first place? Well, the truth is most stories that promote that idea is one-sided. More […]

How to Break Up with Someone

September 29, 2018
Author: Looking4Love

Breaking up can be so easy! You said what? The dilemma, uncertainty, and unpredictable reactions from the “dumpee” are the exact emotions that can make breaking up so difficult. Often times, breaking up with someone could end up as a very dramatic scenario. As the dumper, you want to avoid that especially in cases where […]

Ever heard how talking to a third party could wreck your relationship? It is a true saying. However, those stories or sayings you have heard along that line is just one side of the coin, a one-story syndrome. The right relationship help could restore the lost connection between you and your partner. I and Greg […]

Relationships can be tricky, whether you just started dating someone or you have been married for a long time. No two people are alike and there inevitably will be differences even if you and your significant other have a lot in common. I have been dating my boyfriend for a while now and we have […]